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Golden State Plan Service
The most comprehensive planroom network available.

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22 locally grounded exchanges and associations make up the largest planroom network in the state.

Our Collaboration Means More Projects

We don’t upload from a single location we cultivate local relationships to bring the best projects to the planroom.

Single Statewide Plan Room

You choose the counties you want to see. No more searching multiple Plan Rooms for projects.

More Private Projects

Our collaboration means more cultivation of private work.

Accurate Bidders Lists, Projects, & Addenda

Real time updates – never miss a project update.

Mobile Device Accessible

Take your Plan Room with you

Helps for Submitting a Project

For More Information
or contact your closest exchange.

Locally Grounded – State Powered
Your local, community based Exchange has always been the best
resource for the local construction industry. Now your local exchange
is better and stronger.